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Procure to Pay Process Optimization Project

Triple S Puerto Rico, although a successful healthcare business, needed support in their Procure to Pay process. With the support of e3 Consulting, we managed to create an integrated P2P process where all areas involved were integrated, documented and the process optimized.


e3 Consulting along with Triple S facilitated three Kaizen events. The events were composed of multifunctional team members whom where responsible of evaluating the Procure to Pay (P2P) process.  During the Current State assessment, e3 Consulting identified various areas of opportunity within the Finance and Accounting business areas in which the Project focused on; one of these areas is the Procure to Pay process.  With the avail of Triple S Project Sponsor, e3 Consulting collaborated with the SAP Center of Excellence in order to execute the actions required to complete the process improvements necessary. 

Additionally, e3 Consulting helped define, develop, and implement a new Risk Assessment process in collaboration with VMO and SAI Global. The new Risk Assessment process conducted through Compliance 360 is robust and comprehensive. Through this new optimized approach to evaluating third-party supplier risk, Triple-S benefits from a standardized process consistent with best practices. Our team helped design and develop the Vendor Qualification workflow, which includes the Risk Assessment as conducted in C360. This process is triggered when a Business Unit need can be satisfied by contracting a new Vendor. Certification teams also evaluate the Vendor and authorize contracting. With this new process, VMO can appropriately measure and manage third party suppliers according to the level of risk they present to the Corporation.


  • Business & IT Strategy Alignment

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Program Management

  • Systems Integration

  • IT Quality Assurance & Risk Management

  • CRM Strategy & Implementation Support

  • Vendor Management

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