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Founded in 1995 and starting operations in 1998, ASC is the pioneer in compulsory insurance and for over 21+ years and has specialized in this unique product. ASC have processed more than 5 million claims and paid approximately more than $ 2.1 billion to offset vehicle damage in Puerto Rico. ASC committed to provide the best product and services to its customers, ASC seeks to transform and upscale the operational metrics and develop a Customer Experience Strategy to strive and in the on growing market.

e3 consulting held meetings and interviews with key employees and stakeholders to ensure we understood ASC end to end business and their expectations on the new Customer Experience Strategy (CES). With this, our consultants performed reviews on all current ASC processes, customer touch-points, and service metrics, compared them against industry benchmarks. Resulting in the development of a robust customer experience guiding principles that ensure a CES strategy that is consistent and measurable across the organization.



  • Vision and Core Values Definition

  • Communication Channels Definition

  • Touchpoint Mapping and Definition

  • Customer Journey Map Assessments

  • Process “As Is” and “To Be” Defined Assessment

  • Time Efficiency Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

  • KPI’s Analysis and Development

  • Strategy Impact and Prioritization

  • Strategy Timeline Definition

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