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Enabling Digital Growth During Uncertain Times

Pepe Ganga selected e3 Consulting to conduct an analysis of current processes and practices across the organization to identify inefficiencies and areas of opportunity for the short and long term. As part of the assessment, the team provided findings re enforced with best practice research from credible sources including Subject Matter Experts. Assessment findings were summarized in five key headlines, each with specific issues and opportunities to treat them. Our team leads the efforts to implement the proposed project initiatives for a business transformation that will enable a robust supply chain model by optimizing key business process and implementing our warehouse management system tailored to Pepe Ganga’s unique operation.

Solutions and Services:

  • Allec WMS Implementation

  • Warehouse Layout Optimization

  • Custom tools development

  • Financial Reporting Enablement

  • Project Management and Implementation


  • Optimized Purchasing area by implementing a custom-developed, automated purchase order form that consolidated over 40 other formats previously used.

  • Removed manual processing bottlenecks for purchasing and warehousing functions.

  • Enabled visibility over entire warehouse operation with a robust WMS solution.

  • Improved financial visibility by digitizing and centralizing data for informed and fast decision-making via integrations and automation of tasks across systems and processes.

  • ·Implemented new warehouse physical and digital layout design which improved use of limited space and enabled effective labeling.

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