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“What is it that you do again?”

We Make IT Happen!

Like Chandler Bing in the classic TV Sitcom, Friends, when you work in Consulting you are constantly the person in the friend group who always gets asked, almost mockingly, “What is it that you guys do again?”. And so, it begins, the uncomfortable conversation where everyone comes up with different stereotypes about what Management and IT Consultants do daily.

“They work with computers”, the least tech savvy person quickly points out.

“Companies hire you to fix their problems when they are struggling”, others who have worked in business yell out.

And the worse one, sarcastically muttered by someone who has only worked with terrible consultants in the past: “Consultants are people who borrow your watch, tell you what time it is, and then walk off with your watch”. And while the industry often jokes around with these same stereotypes by responding “Yes we can fix your WIFI”, or “maybe if you knew how to tell the time you wouldn’t have to hire us”, what we do is much more.

At e3 Consulting, we find simple solutions to complex problems; we make your transformation vision a reality.

Often CEOs and executives have grandiose ideas on how to evolve their businesses, but struggle finding a way to execute them. That is where we come in. For 8 years our consulting team has been able to support our clients in the Supply Chain, Healthcare, Financial Services, and Public Sector industries by:

Defining their Transformation Roadmap – It is true, you know your own business better than we do, but we are experts in the industries that we serve, we understand best practices across similar companies, and we provide an unbiased point of view to many of the questions that you are facing. This combination allows us to transform your company into one from the future. We come up with tailored solutions to your everyday issues, define the right path for your transformation, and accompany you until you see the expected results.

Automating Manual Processes and Integrating Systems – Ok, so the computer stereotype might be somewhat accurate. Most of our clients complain about how long a task takes to complete, how repetitive their job is, and how data is always incorrect from one system to the other. Our team focuses on finding ways to use technology so that your employees can shift their time towards value adding tasks and not clerical ones. Automation is the future, and we help find the right processes and technology so that your business can be lean and smart.

Executing Special Projects – When our clients are caught up with the operation, e3 provides expertise and extra hands for specific projects. Often it does not make financial sense to increase headcount to implement a new system, to help train your resources in a particular subject, or to reengineer processes within your organization. We have industrial and computer engineers and subject matter experts in various fields that will take you from idea to realization even when you are trying to stay afloat with day-to-day tasks.

In e3, we understand our clients’ vision, design the path that will get them there, and implement technology, process, and people solutions that will enable this transformation.

So, the next time you wonder what it is that we do at e3 Consulting, just know that We Make IT Happen!

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