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Puerto Rico has proven to be resilient, even while enduring multiple economic challenges for over a decade. The Government of Puerto Rico has faced challenges with its financial system, including multiple unintegrated instances, complications with data management, lack of visibility into finances across agencies, and time-consuming manual tasks. In a joint effort to drive towards prosperity, the Government of Puerto Rico (GPR) wanted to deploy a transformative Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation Project that helped effectively address its economic goals by improving system integration, workforce productivity, transparency, governance, and data integrity.

The project consisted of a system that modernized and consolidated GPR’s dissimilar system into a single platform— providing an array of benefits. e3 assisted GPR in the development of a change management strategy that included a robust communication and training approach, as well as a solid testing strategy to ensure a seamless transition into the new ERP implementation. In parallel to the Change Management efforts, e3 Consulting led the testing strategies for the ERP implementation. Our Consultant were in charge of revising the test scripts in order to ensure that they were truly end-to-end and that their execution was being done in a way that was efficient and reflected the designed business processes. Additionally, our testing team was responsible for bridging the communication gaps between the implementer and the GPR team particularly in terms of language and / or technical barriers. Our testing lead was responsible for tracking and monitoring test results, issues, and enhancements for quality assurance and adherence to project timelines


  • Business & IT Strategy Alignment

  • Business Intelligence

  • Program Management

  • Change Management

  • IT Architecture Enablement

  • Systems Integration

  • Application Development

  • IT Quality Assurance & Risk Management

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